Types of Diabetes Distinguished in Ayurveda  

There are twenty forms of Prameha, according to Ayurveda, of which four can arise from vata, six from pitta, and ten from kapha. A form of Prameha known as Madhumeha is distinguished by its sweet urine and association with diabetes. In Ayurveda, there are primarily two forms of Prameha:

  • Avarana
  • Dhatuksyaya

According to Ayurveda, Avarana develops when channels are blocked. Kapha may be worsened and the source of the obstruction. Adult-onset diabetes results from this. Dhatukshaya, on the other hand, alludes to the body’s tissues becoming depleted. Juvenile diabetes may result from this.

In Ayurveda, digestion is an important procedure and here they want to make all the difference. For instance, insulin is taken by Diabetes patients to make them feel full but in Ayurveda, medicines are needed to ingest with food to feel full. Here Diatone powder can be included in the diet, but a weak digestive system does not yield favorable results. It can cause different problems and build up more toxins, and sugar and the body succumbs to diseases. However, experts believe the Ayurvedic system has the solution for these entire problems even curing Diabetes.

Direction and Use of Diatone

As mentioned before,Diatone is an Ayurvedic medicine designed to control type-2 Diabetes. It should consumed with food and it has to be taken same time each day to get the most of out it. Your doctor will decide the right dosage for you and its doses may change from time to time based on your current health condition. If you stop taking this medicine without consulting your doctor, your body won’t reduce blood sugar levels automatically.  Remember it is a part of the treatment program therefore you have to follow a strict diet or there won’t be any positive outputs. While taking this medicine controls two things, body weight, and overall health meaning do not do anything stupid that will weaken your immune system. A healthy lifestyle is the key to controlling diabetes, cholesterol, and BP.

What are the key Ingredients of This Medicine?

The Ayurvedic medicine Diatone works well to control blood sugar levels. It is beneficial for all types of diabetes and is made with herbal elements like neem, karela, jamun, and giloy. Additionally, it aids in controlling the body’s cholesterol levels.

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