Ayurvedic products and medicines are produced with natural herbs, which are known to cure all kinds of problems of the human body. Ayurvedic products target the root cause of the problems and offer properties in the body so the body can heal itself. It can be said that the Namboodiris shampoo, is an ayurvedic shampoo that is designed to condition your hair, and scalp from the deep, and make hair thicker and stronger. Namboodiris shampoo is also considered a good choice to treat dandruff and hair fall.  It has natures some of the best ingredients, herbal extracts without any chemicals so there will not be any side effects either. We have some vital information to share about this product, read this article to understand to know everything.

What Is the Purpose of KP Namboodiris Shampoo?

Lowers Hair Fall

In today’s hectic lifestyle, our hormones are not balanced coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle and you get all kinds of health problems. However, these issues first affect our hair and scalp health, these parts of the body are always exposed to external hazards. Because of these reasons, hair fall is imminent but Ayurveda has a solution to these problems. For instance, if you use KP Namboodiris Shampooat least twice a week the improvements will be visible in front of your eyes. Since it is an Ayurvedic medicine, therefore you will not see overnight results. It will surely combat hair fall in your routine and make the hair roots stronger than before.

Get Rid of Dandruff

You might say there are a variety of shampoos available in the market that combat dandruff with first use so why opt for an Ayurvedic Hair Care Shampoo? The answer is simple what you are getting in the market are chemical products, and the results will be temporary. The Namboodiris Shampoo ayurvedic shampoo works the same way but the results will be permanent, and you do not have to deal with harmful chemicals.

Detoxify Hair and Make Them Silky Smooth

As we said before dirt pollution and chemicals directly affect our scalp health as a result we see excess hair fall. But if you start using the best KP Namboodiris Shampoo, then it will detoxify the hair and nourish the scalp with essential natural oils. Do you want natural shine and luster without damaging your hair? Then we recommend you try this shampoo because it has hibiscus, which makes hair smoother and does not damage the scalp.

Main Ingredients of This Ayurvedic Shampoo

 The KP Namboodiris Shampoohas an amla that nourishes the hair deeply and makes the scalp stronger. Heena gives more strength to the hair roots and conditions the hair, Hibiscus and Bhringaraja offer natural black shine. Aloe Vera keeps the hair strong and prevents hair fall and the other natural ingredients take care of dandruff and make the hair stronger. 

How to Use KP Namboodiris Shampoo

Wet your hair and scalp thoroughly, divide the necessary amount of shampoo between your hands’ palms (rubbing them together), and then apply it over your hair as evenly as you can. Massage your hair for one minute.  Rinse the hair well with plenty of water. This shampoo can be applied on alternate days.

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