Having a self-owned home at a beautiful place close to nature is the dream of most people. A place where you have all the modern amenities with vibrant community of people is a fine place to call home. However, finding such place in the bustling city of Vijayawada could be difficult in this time of rapid urbanization.

Are you searching for your dream home in Vijayawada? A fantastic 4bhk duplex flat in Currency Nagar, Vijayawada is up for grabs with its great features. It offers the perfect blend of comfort, security, and prime location with all modern amenities. The features of this property make it an ideal choice for your next home.

Features of this property in Currency Nagar:

For the epitome of luxury living, get this wonderful duplex flat in the Currency Nagar area. With access to almost every modern feature, it is a thriving place.

Spacious parking lot:

The designated car parking space is one of the most notable features of this 4bhk duplex flat in Currency Nagar, Vijayawada. Bid farewell to the headache of finding a place to park each time you get home. You and your family will have easy access and peace of mind knowing that your car has a designated safe spot. With the spacious parking space, there are no worries about the parking space for your guests and you.


The safety of loved ones is the top priority for everyone, and this apartment provides round-the-clock security so that your peace of mind is uninterrupted. A group of security guards is committed to maintaining the property safe, so you can unwind and enjoy the comfort of your home without worrying about security.

Balcony area:

Who does not love having a place to sit and have a sip of coffee or tea in the morning? This duplex flat in Currency Nagar, Vijayawada comes with a spacious balcony area. It could be perfect place for you to unwind and relax in your free time. Whether you are a nature lover or like to enjoy the cityscapes, the balcony area will be the place to make your feel relaxed.

Elevator facility:

Easy accessibility is the key aspect of this property as the property comes with a modern elevator with all the necessary functions. Forget the staircase, rather take the elevator to ascend or descend. Say goodbye to climbing stairs with heavy groceries or tired after a long day at work. The modern lift system adds convenience to your daily life and makes every trip to your flat easy and effortless.

Prime Location:

The prime location of Currency nagar allows easy access to all the major places to the city. The proximity of this place to essential locations such as schools, collages, hospitals and shopping malls makes this duplex flat for sale a valued property that is desirable as well.

To conclude, this 4BHK apartment in Currency Nagar, Vijayawada, is a promise of a better life rather than just a place to live. Your ideal house is waiting for you, complete with assigned parking, 24-hour security, a large balcony, and contemporary conveniences. Do not pass up the chance to own this property and enjoy the ideal balance of convenience and comfort.

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