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For beauty and self-expression, nail color has taken the center stage. It is not about the coating on your nails that make them attractive, it is an expression of your personal style, an extra touch to your attire, and a reflection of your emotions. As of today, we will probably find hundreds of nail polish brands, but OYAFUN has become one of the top brands for nail polish and a torchbearer of latest innovation with health consciousness.

The Rise of OYAFUN Nail Paints:

OYAFUN is not just a brand name in nail polish industry; we can rather call it the best in business. With a healthy and non-toxic formula, OYAFUN prides itself on its approach to nail care where beauty does not come at the expense of wellness. The brand’s philosophy is simple yet profound: create OYAFUN Healthy Nail color, which are friendly to nature as they are also kind to you.

The range of nail colors stands as proof for the brand’s commitment towards inclusivity and individuality. You can find almost every color you can think about your gorgeous nails. With so many shades of nail polish available on their palette, there is definitely one color for every personality, every occasion or every caprice. From whispers of pastels to shouts in vibrant colors, OYAFUN is there to make sure that your nails are the best accessories to tell your story.

What makes OYAFUN special?

The new innovative Peel-off formula:The first-in-class peel-off technology is what makes it different from the rest. The era of using not so subtle chemicals and boring removal methods is gone. A water-based formula for OYAFUN Peel off Nail Polish enables easy peeling without causing any harm, thus protecting your nail’s health and making it so easy to change colors.

Durable: The next problem we face other than scraping off our nail paints is the durability of the nail color. In this aspect, OYAFUN Healthy Nail Color do not disappoint in terms in providing long lastingness for all its peeling ingredients. Users are guaranteed waterproof coverage with no chips that survive into the second week, keeping nails as colorful and shiny as if they had just been applied.

Easy to apply: The applicator brush has been designed with ease-of-use in mind so you can apply smoothly without having to worry about smudging or spilling anything. You can go out with confidence applying your nail polish colors because the quick-dry formula means that you will not have to wait long for them to dry before they look perfect being shown off.

Express your beauty with OYAFUN:

Our choice of nail paints should be subtle, easy to apply, gentle, and easy to scrape off. OYAFUN comes with all the conveniences. The range of nail paint colors is vivid and you will be able to choose from nude nail polish to glossy shades, choose the paint you like and have them delivered to your doorstep. OYAFUN nail colors are more than just a choice of cosmetic, it is rather a way to express yourself. Today every details are paid attention to and OYAFUN will makes sure that your nails are not just seen but celebrated so that you can express your commitment to wellness and style.

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