Glitter gel nail polish for multitudes of nail enhancements

If your manicure look a bit boring and you want to give your life a whole lot more glitz, you only need to look at the new glitter gel formula of nail polish. This amazing mixture of glittering gel and nail polish is ideal for anyone who wants a little of shimmer and glam since it blends the brilliant effects of glitter with the long lasting wear of gel polish.

You are going to love this if, like me, you enjoy a little glitz on your nails. Glittering gel based nail paints are similar to conventional gel polish but has more sheen and sparkle. Who would not want to wear a party on their nails? If you are interested in glitter gel nail polish, then this post will highlight everything you would want to know about this amazing manicure trend.

Power of Glitter Gel on your fingertips:

If you are wondering what exactly the features of glittering gel polish, then are read these below given points. It is much different from average nail polish with some distinctive qualities.

Glow brightly: We are talking about extreme sparkle here. The glitter in gel nail polish ranges in size and shape, from tiny shimmers to vibrant holographic rainbows. There is a glitter level suitable for any feeling or situation.

Salon like finish: Do not bother with costly salon visits. In general, gel polish provides a high-gloss, chip-resistant finish that endures for several weeks.  A busy week or two will not be enough to ruin your professional-looking manicure thanks to glitter gel paints.

Extended Glare: Glitter gel paints adhere to the nail rather than wearing off unevenly as conventional glitter polish does. Because the glitter is suspended in the gel, it maintains its sparkling appearance over time without fading.

Possibilities: The sky is the limit when you think about the possibilities of variety of manicure with glitter gel nail polish. You can create dazzling accent nails by incorporating manicures like ombre glitter fades, etc.

What are the benefits of Glitter Gel?

  • It has an alluring luster due to the micro glitter it contains.
  • It adds a gorgeous, glittering sheen to your nails.
  • The gloss level is high.
  • It is resistant to chipping, glides smoothly, and lasts for up to two weeks.
  • It is a thick gel-based solution, which is safe for your nails and will not yellow.
  • It does not include any dangerous materials.

Best thing about Glittering Nails:

The striking brilliance of glitter gel nail polish can shimmer bump up your manicure to a completely new level. There is a glitter gel paint to fit every style and occasion, whether you want a subdued glitter accent manicure or a full-on glitter bomb. Nothing makes you feel more wonderful than having a set of glittering nails. Other than having an incredible appearance, glitter gel nail paint is surprisingly simple to apply and take off.

Similar to ordinary nail polish from top gel nail polish brands, it must be cured with a UV or LED lamp before it is ready to use. The glitter gel polish can be removed easily when you want a change. Just soak your nails in acetone for some minutes and the glitter will come off easily. You no longer need to scrub or scrape your nails anymore.

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