A nail gel polish is much better than regular polishes

Gel based nail polishes are setting new trends in the world of manicure and nail fashions. Different colors of gel polishes are the best thing about them. Unlike regular nail lacquers, where you have to wait for nearly 10-20 minutes and dry your nails under a fan, gel based polishes are cured within a minute. All you have to do is keep them under UV or LED lights for a minute and you are good to go. You can do your nails at home without any problem when you are using a gel polish, making the process easy and saving your valuable time and money.

What is gel nail polish?

Even today, many girls have no clear idea about Gel polish and its benefits. A gel polish is a hybrid of gel nails and nail polish. It incorporates elements from each of them. Regular nail polish is not as thin or flexible as nail gel polish. It is applied to the natural nail in the same manner as ordinary nail lacquer. Your own nails cannot be elongated. You need an LED bulb in order to apply Gel Polish manicures.

Gel’s molecules must polymerize in order for it to harden under a lamp. Strong networks are created when molecules’ short chains link to their long chains. This phase, known as the curing process, hardens the gel polish. The nails are strengthened further by this procedure, which explains why they hold up so well. Ideally, gel polish will make it easier to do your nails at home.

What are the advantages of using Gel Nail Polish?

When you think about wearing time or longevity, the gel nail polish is surely a winner. Even though the gel polish is much thin and it provides a natural hue, the longevity can be almost twice as long as regular nail polishes. You can expect the wearing time of gel nail polish to be as long as 21 days without being chipped off.

Another significant advantage of wearing nail gel polish is its sturdiness. From the day you apply it, you will not see your paints chipping off. It will not tear with any scratches and overall it is more resistant than regular nail polishes.

Another benefit is that there is no time spent drying since the item hardens in the lamp. Once your nails are finished, you can carry on with your activities without worrying about damaging your varnish. Please be aware that after curing, gel nail polish typically has a sticky film that needs to be removed.

Tips on using Gel nail polishes:

For better application of the gel polish and preservation of your nails, apply a thin, even layer of base coat. Applying thin coats of gel polish will help to prevent uneven application and ensure that it cures properly under a UV or LED lamp in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. To avoid lifting, keep gel polish off your cuticles. Apply a premium top coat from of nail polishes from top gel nail polish brands to enhance longevity and add luster. Finally yet importantly, strictly follow the advised curing times to enable each layer to solidify correctly and guarantee a faultless finish that endures.

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